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12 Cups of Coffee

A Novel by Dave Goossen

Book One of The Espresso Series

A book about work, love and finally knowing what you want. A compelling narrative voice drives this caffeine-fueled quest through the barrens of computer trade shows, corporate competition and dark moments of the soul.

Chick lit for the sensitive guy, and maybe even the not-so-sensitive one whose had it with taking hits for the gender or corporate team. A whip-sharp yet generous investigation of the reasons why we follow the path of money and not of the spirit.

You want a good read? Want to be parachuted into a fast-paced, knowing-laugh-ladden world of hard-edged software sales and empty nights? 12 Cups of Coffee delivers the jolt that wakes its protagonist (and the reader) from his quirky nightmare of international business travel and just-business friendships. Funny and fearlessly self-reflective, the book perks along and makes readers thirsty for more.